Colorado Trakker 250

Colorado Trakker 250

Post by Christopher Co » Mon, 11 Mar 1996 04:00:00


        I've got Kernel 1.3.68 compiled, and I want to use my Colorado Trakker
250.  It connects through the Parellel port, and I am not sure how to setup it
up in Linux.  Anyone done this yet?  

Thanks for your help,


1. Colorado Trakker 250

I was just given a Trakker 250MB tape drive that connects up to a parallel
port. Checking the hardware compatability faq gave me the answer that this
drive is unsupported.  Is there any way I can possibly still use this drive
to backup my linux system?


Peter L. Buschman

 Peter L. Buschman        .   .--.

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