Null modem serial PPP link Linux <-> Win95

Null modem serial PPP link Linux <-> Win95

Post by Frere Ro » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Taize Community, France

http://www.taize.frI would like to connect a machine running WIN95 using a
null modem cable to our
Linux server in close proximity.

I have configured Win95 with a null modem driver and now need to know how
configure things on the Linux side.

The Linux machine has a 8 way multi serial port card and has 2 modems

The resulting setup must allow a PPP link from the Win95 machine.

I look forward to any help that can  be provided.

Thanks, brother Roy


1. Linux <->Null Modem<->Win95 with PPP

I have been tring to get my pppd in my Linux box setup so that I can
do some serial networking via a null modem cable...  I have tried a
couple of different methods of doing this...

I get the most response out of my machine using the same setup that
was illistrated in the network admin guide (setting up a ppp account
and a pppd script).

If anyone has done this, drop me a line... I could use some new ideas,
new approaches and some help with all these damn messages in the log
files <grin>..

Jay Barbee

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