Problem with SU

Problem with SU

Post by Johan Olsso » Sun, 08 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I am running a server with Redhat Linux 5.0 and everything is working
good exept that the command SU dont work. When I run it it prompts me
for password .. I enter the password ands it says:

Cannot set groups .. Operation not permitted

Any ideas about it ??? If you do please send me a personal mail on the
adress as given.

        // Johan

System administrator for the student server Milkyway
ICQ : 7187797



1. Problems with su

        Often the problem is that the passwd file is missing or has an
invalid field in it.  Any passwd entries after the invalid field will not
be usable.  I would suggest you run the /etc/pwck command which will tell
you about any bad fields in the /etc/passwd file.

        Hope this helps,  most problems we have like this are from this cause.

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