SCSI Install problems (No BIOS32)

SCSI Install problems (No BIOS32)

Post by Peter McEvo » Sat, 02 Nov 1996 04:00:00

        I'm trying to setup Linux on a system in work, and I've been
stumped by one big problem - I keep getting a BIOS32 problem.  I
have actually alot of experience with installing Linux (you know the
story - you get Linux and you single-handedly try to knock 20 points
of the price of Microsoft stock by installing it on every machine
you lay your hands on!!)

Anyway, I'll give you a rundown on what the boot sequence looks like
(this will include all necessary h/w info):


Phoenix 80486 ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.00 A09

Dell Embedded Diagnostics Version 1.05

Dell System 4050/XE

   DPT DISK BIOS v001.J8
   Distributed Processing Technology
   (c) Copyright 1990-1992

   Controller:  PM2012B/9X v05B.0
       Drive : 0 (ID0/LUN0) DEC         DSP3105S    1001 x 64 x 32
       Drive : 1 (ID1/LUN0) DEC         DSP3105S    1001 x 64 x 32

<At this point Lilo Boots from the floppy drive.  I'm using the
ASCSI bootdsk from slakware 3.0 (this is kernel version 1.3.18 with SCSI
support for the DPT EISA SCSI card).  Lilo boots, and I load the RAMDISK
image (I have 32Mb of memory).  I then get the following messages:>

PCI_init: NO BIOS32
Registered HBAs:
HBA no. Boardtype: Revis: EATA: Bus: BaseIO: IRQ: DMA: Ch: ID: Pr: QS:
scsi0 : PM2012B/9X v05B.0 2.0b  EISA 0x3c88   14  BMST  0   7   Y  64
64   32
eata_pio: No BIOS32 extensions present.  This driver release still
depends on it.
          Skipping scan for PCI HBAs
general protection: 0000
<I then get a stack dump and a load of error codes (if anyone needs
these, I can
post them)>


I can access the drives easily in DOS.  Also, apparently the driver I
want to use
(eata_pio)  will not take any kernel parameters.

Has anyone any experince with this kind of problem?  I'd really like to
get this
machine working (a 486 with 32Mb of RAM, 2Gb SCSI drives and a 2Mb S3
video card -
it should ROCK when I get it going!)

Mail or follow up this message...

C Ya


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