MINI LINUX Setup Questions

MINI LINUX Setup Questions

Post by Stephen P. Moln » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have been eicouraged by the response to several earlier questions to
this newsgroup to the point that I'm more than willing to demonstrate
that I'm definately a new user of linux.

I downloaded and installed MINI LINUX.  Much to my amazement, it works
(sort of).  At least I can successfully boot the system and so  far
have only discovered n ways (n is getting larger exponentially) ways
of* the system in such a manner as to require a cold boot.  Not
to mention the number of times that I've reinstalled the OS.  I've
also read FAQ's and quite a few messages in this news group.

But, enough babbling ---------

My questions:

How do I access the man pages that I'm pretty sure are part of MINI
LINUX?  I've found several large files that I'm pretty sure are man
pages, but I can't figure out how to read, let alone print, them.

I get a fleeting message on boot to the effect that there are too many
cylinders on my 540 MB Quantum hard drive, but the OS seems to be
working.  Should I be worried?  (I installed the system on my D: drive
because my C: is almost full.)

Setup works, but I'm not sure about nomenclature.  The current
attraction of MINI LINUX is that it's loaded into DOS and can be
removed by del-ing the directory. ( I have a copy of FIPS but so far
am not willing to risk my D: dos partition.  I suspect eventually that
I will go ahead and use it.)  The question is, that if I download a
new linux program from the net where do I put it on my hard drive and
how do I tell setup where it is?

Finally, are there any suggestions as to good sources of information
with regard to installing X-windows?  Preferably sources that are
heavily loaded with definitions for dummies!

Many thanks in advance.


1. Mini-Linux Distribution Questions + General Questions + UMSDOS Questions

Basically I have recently installed the Mini-Linux distribution (from on my box  (486 66, 12Mb, Limited HDD space), and it
works and installs fine, runs fine.... Great I thought, lets install
on several other PC's - Install on another 486d266 - won't even start
- LOADLIN doesn't even begin decompressing the kernal......
Then try a 486dx4100, this time it decompresses kernal and starts
linux startup, and comes up with a HDD sector size too big (its a
544Mb drive) and says "Giving up"..... Linux doesn't start at all.
Anyone else got an experience with this (the mini-linux distribution
is 1.0.9 kernal I think)

Next On the PC that mini-linux runs on, X won't start - cannot start
my graphics card (its an Advance Logic card, Vesa compatible).  Anyone
know how to fix this?

I run mini-linux for several reasons, the main one being the lack of
HDD space (I have 20Mb free without mini-linux, 0.5Mb with), howver I
have heard that the latest distributions include UMSDOS, so now onto
the UMSDOS questions:

Which kernal works best with UMSDOS, and will fit in 20Mb, with the
majority of data residing on CD?

Do the latest linux kernals support a SB16 and panasonic double speed
CD?  Also are NEC drives supported (a mate has one of these)

Basically I cannot delete my  DOS partition, as my family cannot use
linux to save their lives, and love MS word, so I need UMSDOS, so both
can happily reside on one partition (I don't want to partition)

Also does UMSDOS have any problem booting off a d: drive (I am
installing another 100Mb drive to try to alleviate the space problem)

Right thats it......
Thanks for your help and I apologize for the bad spelling in some
places (my software don't spell check).

IMPORTANT:  My news feed is knackered, so can replyies be by mail as
well as news please?

Dan (Linux newbie)

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