Lilo boot problem: doesn't boot dos (invalid media type)

Lilo boot problem: doesn't boot dos (invalid media type)

Post by Hulya K. Kuzucu-Erasla » Sun, 08 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I installed redhat 3.0.3 on my second eide hard drive. Initially I put
lilo on a floppy and it was working fine. Today I decided to reinstall
lilo on my first hard drive (master). When rebooted it could not start
windows 95. The following list tells what I did to recover and what did
not work in order.
1. boot dos from floppy
   fdisk /mbr did not work
   sys c: gave invalid media type error.
   using fdisk I viewed the partition tabel and the system was UNKNOWN

2. boot with lilo floppy to linux
   mount -t msdos /dev/hda /mnt
   ls /mnt
   gave invalid file type error.

3. I tried lilo -u but no luck.
   same problems as above: both linux and dos could not read the c drive

4. I copied boot.0300 to /dev/hda
   now linux could see some files but with weird names in my c drive

5. I rebooted without floppy and I got invalid system disk error.

Now the situation is linux can see some files with weird names and dos
gives invalid media type error.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hulya K. Kuzucu Eraslan    
Department of Economics      
University of Minnesota                          


Lilo boot problem: doesn't boot dos (invalid media type)

Post by Dwight H. Galst » Mon, 09 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I cannot seem to get my linux installation started.  I did it successfully
before but have a new machine and so far have not found a boot disk that
will work.  The boot will always hang at some point.

This is an asus PCI/I-486SP3G motherboard.  It has built in scsi and ide.
I am using a Panasonic cdrom, which I also used in the previous install
and it worked there.  The system is working find under DOS.  I have 16 meg
ram, two ide hard drives and an ne2000 compatible ethernet card.  The
scsi controller is currently disabled in the BIOS but I have tried it
on as well.

What usually happens is that it gets to a point where it has several
messages about scsi0,  then it says
scsi0 test 1 started
scsi0 1 host
scsi0 <stuff I can't catch> aborting command due to timeout
scsi0 warning command in runing list
scsi0 existing issue queue
The last line then flashes on the screen forever (sic)
The log above is approximate, as it goes by too fast to write it all down.
Is there a way to print this out?????

Anyway, I hope someone knows what is the matter.  I haven't installed any
scsi devices, I'm not sure it would help to try that.  I might do that
now and see.... (If I can get the scsi running in dos!)

please email....I might miss replies in the newsgroup (flaky server)

Dwight Galster


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    i think i just made a GRAVE error....

    I installed Linux on sda1 and sda2 (swap) - clean disk
    I HAD DOS on hda (hda1).

    I installed LILO to hda1 instead of hda (I'm not exactly sure how I did
    this).  So no of course fdisk/mbr does me no good because its sitting
    out on sda.  I boot from a dos disk, access C: and get Invalid Media

    Anything I can do or did I hose my FAT on C:?  Damn!  I KNEW I should
    have backed up C as well as D before I did this...  Didnt think I'd
    need to since I was only repartitioning D...  of course all my restore
    softweare was on C....

    Im not very optimistic about this...  thanks!

    Cheers, rob

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