Rawrite of supp.img in Redhat install

Rawrite of supp.img in Redhat install

Post by gmon.. » Tue, 09 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm attempting to install Redhat 5.0 and I can't seem to get the
supplemental disk to properly copy to A: using rawrite.  It goes
through the motions...but at the end of the operation, no data has
been written.  I tried downloading a "fresh" copy of the supp.img file
from Redhat with the same result.  Without this supplemental disk, I
can't mount the drive and continue the install.  Has anyone else have
experienced similar problems?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks much


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Hi !

In order to install Linux from slackware or redhat I need 2 floopies
Unfortunately rawrite on supp.img does not work.
It works well for boot.img but not for supp.img
I tried rawrite, rawrite2  and rawrite3 on different PC and I always get
the same.
No error message during copying, but the floppy is not seen anymore by
either linux, dos or W95.

Any idea ?

Please e-mail me




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