Graphic Tablets

Graphic Tablets

Post by zenta » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I've been searching around looking for a way
to get my Graphics Tablet going under X.
(or even plain console mode)

Does anyone know where info on this is located, or
if it exists?
Someone told me it would probably be under


1. Graphics tablets (digitizer tablets): drivers?

Does anyone know if drivers for Wacom graphics tablets (or any other
graphics tablets) are available for Linux?  The Hardware Compatibility
HOWTO doesn't mention any, but since that venerable document bears a
last revision date in 1995, I'm hopeful that the outlook may have
improved.  Considering all the various arcane pieces of hardware that
have Linux driver support, can graphics tablets really have been
overlooked?  Or are they excessively difficult to write drivers for?

        Doug Edwards

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