RedHat 5.2 on Thinkpad 560 - floppy problem

RedHat 5.2 on Thinkpad 560 - floppy problem

Post by Clinton Pope » Sun, 27 Dec 1998 04:00:00


        I have installed 5.2 on two desktop machines without a problem, but
I've run into a glitch installing it on a Thinkpad 560.  The installer loads
fine, but when trying to load the supplemental floppy (I don't have a cdrom
for the machine, so an NFS install via my PCMCIA ethernet card
is my only install option) the installer dies in the following way:

mounting fd0 on /tmp/image as type ext2
creating directory /tmp/imag rc = 0
calling mount(/tmp/fd0, /tmp/image, ext2, -1058209791,(nil))
removing device f ile /tmp/fd0
copying 1440 blocks from fd0 to ram2
error reading from device: no such file or directory
mounting ram2 on /tmp/image as type ext2
calling mount(/tmp/ram2, /tmp/image, ...
removing device file /tmp/ram2
cpio expansion failed on file (null),error 3

The floppy looks ok; I can read it on my desktop box, and the directory
structure of the cpio looks ok.  The floppy is an external, and I've heard
that there are wierd problems with thinkpad floppy drives.  I tried
passing floppy=thinkpad to the install kernel via 'linux floppy=thinkpad' but
it gave me a warning while booting that it didn't recognize my heplful hint :\

If anyone can offer assistance on this, I'd be very grateful.  



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    I tried to install Redhat 5.2 in my old thinpad 560( P133, 40 Mb
Ram, 2.1GB HD, TFT 12.1). But the problem is it didn't recognize my
PCMCIA CD-ROM.  So, any suggestion how to install ?

Gen-Nan Chen
Computer Vision/Computational Neuroscience Lab.
Department of Cognitive and Neural System
Boston University

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