Avance logic ALS 300 PCI config. for mdk6

Avance logic ALS 300 PCI config. for mdk6

Post by Christophe MICHE » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

hello all

    Anyone ever succeeded in installing a PCI Avance logic ALS 300 under
mandrake linux 6.0 ? I recently bought one but have really no idea on
how to make it work on my linux box. Should I use OSS copliant modules
like isa sound blaster clones ??  or what ? If anyone has an idea, just
let me know, all mails will be replied to senders.

    Thanx a lot


                *  Christophe MICHEL, Ph.D.



1. PCI avance logic ALS 300 soundcard config with mandrake 6.0


    has anyone succeeded in cmpiling a kernel that was compatible with
the PCI avance logic ALS 300 soundcard, this card is supposed to be
soundblaster compatible, it works fine with windbnlows but I never
succeeded in making it output any sound under mandrake 6.0, kernel 2.2.7
and up equipped with KDE 1.1.1

    I know I have to recompile the kernel but HOW?? Do I have to use the
OSS sound module ? do I have to use the PCI legacy (and how) ? Do I have
to use modules (and how? Which parameters to pass ?) or monolitic sound
section kernel? Which arguments to pass (a, Irq, DMA)

etc .........



    Thanx for all infos.


                *  Christophe MICHEL, Ph.D.


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