>1 Gig Scsi drives with linux and adaptec cards

>1 Gig Scsi drives with linux and adaptec cards

Post by Nicholas Lambropoulo » Sun, 11 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi folks,
We have just purchased a 2 Gig Scsi drive for our linux box.  We
currently have 2 x 1 gig drive on adaptec aha-2940 scsi-cards running

The problem is that we have >1 Gig scsi support enabled on the adapter.  
The new drive is detected fine on bootup.  I run fdisk /dev/sdc to
create the lunix partition ok.  When I begin to create the filesystem,
It just crashes and the next time I boot up I get a warning come up at
the scsi-bios giving me the following warning:


A drive larger than 1Gb has been detected with 64 head / 32 sector
partitioning.  ... blah blah

I read somewhere I need to disable the >1 Gig options in the bios for
linux on these type of adaptec cards - any advice ??

Thanks in Advance


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I have a couple of machines with AIC-7580 SCSI controllers on the motherboard
that will boot from floppies using kernel 1.3.93 or higher.  I can't get
LILO to work on their 2 Gig boot drives even with the controller set to
translation mode.

One of the machines also has a 9 Gig drive.  If I run the controller in
translation mode, won't this be limited to 8 Gig?  Also, the Slackware
fdisk seems to only allow 2 Gigs per partition and is limited to 4 partitions.

Advice? Booting from a floppy is acceptable - in fact I kind of like it, but
is there a FAQ on setting up large drives?

Les Mikesell

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