Java can't load library

Java can't load library

Post by Kevin For » Mon, 28 Oct 1996 03:00:00

Hi All-

I've been trying to get java running on my linux box to no avail and was
hoping somebody could offer some tips.

Here's the only symptom right now:

Whenever I try to run java in any form, I get this message:

java: can't load library ''

Here's what I've done recently in my efforts to get java going.

First, I upgraded to ELF, and I think it was done successfully.  I've
had only minor indications otherwise, and I think I fixed them later by
upgrading to XFree86 version 3.1.2 (elf) from 3.1.1 (a.out) -- they had
to do with being unable to get elf X binaries (like xpdf-0.5) running,
and the message was similar as above (can't load library,
but after I went to 3.1.2, xpdf-0.5 works fine.

Then, I built a new kernel (2.0.23) and it was completely successful as
far as the build seems to have gone.  The kernel even seems to run fine,
but it breaks some minor things like ps give a segmentation fault and
some other minor problems.  I'm still running 1.3.32 until I have a
pressing reason to switch (it was compiled with the "run elf binaries"
option checked "yes") to the 2.0.23 since I'll have some more headaches
to put up with when I do that -- I've got enough as it is.

Then, in reading the JAVA HOWTO, I learned that one needed such and such
libraries, so I got them and installed them.  Got the linux port of JDK
and unzipped and untarred as per HOWTO (seems like there should be more
required though -- ie, point ldconfig to the java library directory or
something?), and tried to do this:

bin/java sun.applet.AppletViewer demo/Blink/example1.html

Which comes out of the HOWTO.  This failed at this point by saying can't
load library

Well, I noticed on the mini-HOWTO for JAVA and linux that he said one
really needed to be running XF86 3.1.2 or later to use JDK, so I
upgraded to that (apparently successfully -- I'm using it now) and then
tried the JAVA thing again.  This time, it fails with the libXpm

Could anyone help out with this?  It's become too deep for me, I think
and I'd really appreciate some pointers from anyone who can help.

I've checked that I do have ->

It's in this directory:


and I put it there based on the guidance in the ELF HOWTO.  ldconfig
knows about it, so it would seem that java should be able to find it,
but it doesn't.

I tried putting symlinks into a couple of other directories
(/usr/X11R6/lib, and /usr/X11/lib/i486-linuxaout), pointing to libXpm,
but that doesn't solve it either.  One thing, the first of these subdirs
is in, but the second is not.  Interestingly, the second dir
is where another copy of was installed with upgrading to
3.1.2 of X, and that was the library that xpdf-0.5 couldn't find before
I went to 3.1.2, so I guess that X knows how to refer to this directory
even though ldconfig doesn't know about it.

Anyway, Could somebody help?

Please email in addition to posting, and thanks!


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