Help with taper and floppy tape drive

Help with taper and floppy tape drive

Post by A. Kh » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a dual boot (Mandrake 6.0 and NT4.0 WS) system.  It has an Iomega
floppy tape drive which is recognized by NT4.0WS but I am not having
much success with it on the Linux front.

Kernel 2.2.10 with floppy drive built in kernel and ftape built as

In /etc/conf.modules entered the following line
options ftape ft_fdc_irq=6 ft_fdc_dma=2 ft_fdc_base=0x3f0

# modprobe ftape            successfully loads the module
# taper -T f                is not able to detect the tape drive

Also /proc/ftape does not list the Floppy Disk Controller (see /proc/ftape
file below) but I can use the mtools/mount to for the floppy drive!!

If you have successfully used taper with a floppy tape drive please let
me know what am I missing?

-- Arun Khan
email is arunkhan at xnet dot com

#cat /proc/ftape
Kernel Driver

version       : ftape v3.04d 25/11/97
used data rate: 500 kbit/sec
dma memory    : 96 kb
debug messages: noisy

Tape Drive

vendor id : 0x0000
drive name: <NULL>
wind speed: 0 ips
wakeup    : Unknown
max. rate : 500 kbit/sec

FDC Controller

FDC type  : no fdc
FDC base  : 0x000
FDC irq   : 0
FDC dma   : 0
FDC thr.  : 8
max. rate : 500 kbit/sec  

Tape Cartridge