RH6.0, Cirrus GD5434 on-board video card problems

RH6.0, Cirrus GD5434 on-board video card problems

Post by Brendon Roger » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Please help!

I am about to use my Compaq Prolinea as a fishing weight!!!

When starting X-windows I get corruption on the screen. When  I close X, the
image corruption follows onto the command-line. Rebooting corrects the
command-line corruption.

I have installed RH6 with no problems, when running X configuration tool it
correctly picks up the Cirrus GD5434 and installs the XF86_SVGA server. I
have upgraded XFree86 to 3.3.6, tried various entries in XF86Config
(no_bitblt, no_imageblt, sw_cursor), tried various resolutions but still the
same problem!!!

I have even got my hands on S3 PCI video card, installed this and disabled
the onboard video card in the BIOS. If I run the X Configuration tool, it
still picks up the (disabled) Cirrus. If I manually configure the XF86Config
file for the S3 card it works fine - until I reboot the PC. Somehow the
on-board Cirrus card is being re-enabled!!

Any ideas would be more than appreciated.



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