ALSA Drivers

ALSA Drivers

Post by Jacob Fulle » Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I used Alsaconf and configured my Crystal CS4236 card correctly. It
added the lines it needed to the .conf file, I checked its there. I
start up UO and no sound?! DOes Alsa not work with Ultima Online? If not
what can I use that is? And how can I remove Alsa if there is an

- Jacob Fuller
- Running RedHat Linux 5.1

- Ultiman Online Information
- Name: Sundown
- Server: Atlantic


1. Problems compiling Alsa drivers

I'm trying to compile the Alsa drivers (v9.2)on my Peanut linux setup (with
KDE3.1.1), and am having problems. I'm configuring it only for my soundblaster
live value card (--with-card=emu10k1 option  IIRC), so it shouldn't need to
include too much stuff. However, when it gets to trying to compile a file called
"dummy.c" it moans abouts not finding "linux/jiffies.h" file. I looked a dummy.c
and noticed that this file is included if I'm using kernel version >=2.5.0,
which I thought I was, but offers "linux/sched.h" instead, so I tried that,
which does allow the compile to work. Shouldn't I have this jiffies.h file?

So I thought this was now succesful, I tried "modprode snd-emu10k1" (can't
remember the exact name, but you'll get the idea!) which returned a load of
errors saying it can't find "try_module_get" among other things. Any ideas?

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