Need Help for Linux Slackware 3.3

Need Help for Linux Slackware 3.3

Post by Clif » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I recommend a newer version of Slackware with the newer kernels and
Xwindows...  The Realtek pci cards aren't supported until kernel version
2.0.33 or 34. will have slackware 3.6 by the end of
December or you can get 3.5 now for about $6.00.

If you have a zip drive, you can get around this by downloading the
newest kernel from and copying this to the zip within
windows.  Reboot to slackware and copy the new kernel to /usr/src and
unpack, configure, and make.  Refer to the Howto's on getting your zip
up as well as recompiling the kernel.

One other thing, I'm using a Realtek 8129 and although it works, it
doesn't behave very well due to it's design (tends to hang on my system
occasionally).  I recommend an Intel or maybe a 3com card instead.  It's
worth the higher price.

Hope this helps,