Problems with floppy access under DOSEMU

Problems with floppy access under DOSEMU

Post by Volker Do » Mon, 09 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am using the dosemu version and are deep impressed, who good the
emulation works. But only when I am using files from my harddisks.

Everytime I try to acces my threeinch floppy dosemu dies and gives following

ERROR: can't get flopy parameter of /dev/fd0 (Interrupted system call)
error exit (5,0x0005) in_sigsegv: 0 ignore_segv: 0
Not a good day to die!!!!

In my /sbin/init.d/boot.local I use a :

setfdprm -p 1440/1440

and since that time I can format floppies.

In my /etc/dosemu.conf I use the standard statement for floppy:
floppy{ device /dev/fd0 threeinch}

My floppydevice looks like this:
brw-rw-rw 1 root root 2, 0 May 27 1996  /dev/fd0

I have a 486/dx2 66Mhz with 20 MB and Linux 2.0.0. I can access my floppy
with the mtools, and can mount them under several filesystems.

And I didn't found anything in the documentation. Only in dosemu.conf the
message, that floppy setup should be easy.

Anybody an idea??

Bye, Volker.



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