Linux hard disk from Pentium to a 486 ?

Linux hard disk from Pentium to a 486 ?

Post by Petteri Korkiakosk » Fri, 27 Jun 1997 04:00:00


I have a Pentium 133MHz (64 MB RAM) with two hard disks and Linux (RH
4.1) installed to other one of those (Win95 on the other). Now I will
lose my Pentium computer and have left only my old 486 33MHz IBM
PS/1 (24 MB RAM). Is it possible to just take the hard disk containing
Linux from the Pentium machine and plug it in the 486 and recompile the
kernel there after booting to Linux with a boot disk? I suppose there
might be some trouble with video card and the BIOS, but can I somehow
work around those problems?
Any ideas how I should do this? I don't want to (or actually I don't
have the possibility) install Linux again on the 486.
Please reply by email also.


Petteri Korkiakoski


1. Linux hard disk from Pentium to a 486 - WORKS!

Thanks everyone for help, I tried it yesterday and it worked the first
time I booted the 486 :).I compiled the kernel in the Pentium machine to
suit the parameters of the 486 and just plugged the hard disk in the 486
( as a slave as it was in the Pentium machine).  All this took about 1,5
hours, which is about 10 hours less than I expected :).
Even though the BIOS is from  1993 and the hard disk is 3,8 GB Quantum I
didn't have any problems with the BIOS (well, it gave an hard disk
error, but in running fdisk in DOS showed that everything was OK). I
guess the disk manager that came with the hard disk did its job well
this time.
Now I just wonder, how long it would have taken to do the same with a
win95 disk.....

Petteri KOrkiakoski

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