RedHat 5.2 dialler - am i doing it right ?

RedHat 5.2 dialler - am i doing it right ?

Post by Mark » Sat, 15 May 1999 04:00:00

 Reading through the newsgroup it seems that i'm the only person using
 redhat's  'Usernet'  to start/stop PPP dialling, during an X session..
 it works perfectly, and saves any typing and is very simple to setup.
 i had to do a few config files to stop others browsing my PC online,
 but even without  host.deny and host.allow   it connected 1st time.

 i just discovered it by accident,  does anyone else use 'usernet' ?

 Mark ...

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1. RedHat 5.2 Install.. What am I doing wrong?

I am a complete newbie to Linux and bought the RedHat 5.2 setup from
LSL.  Here is what I have done so far..

I have a 6 gig WD EIDE drive running Win98 on an Intel 233mmx based

1.  I used Partition Magic to create some Free (UnPartioned) disk
space.  I left 750 meg of free space ahead of my Primary Partition.
Then I start the install process of RedHat.  I initially went for the
custom Install option over the Workstation or server. For some reason
I could only get 2 Linux partitions to exist at one time on the
primary.  I could get any combination of 2 - the /, /usr, or swap
partitions.  When I went for the 3rd it would always report out not
enough primary space available regardless of how much was actually

2.   So, I figure that it must be a limitation of partions numbers on
the primary..  I go back to Partion Magic and reconfigure again.. This
time I set 225 megs of Unassigned space before my C: drive and 1 gig
of unassigned space ahead of my D: drive in my Extended partition.  My
plan was to assign 100 meg to the / partition and 125 to the swap
partition on primary and then use 800 meg for /usr and 200 meg for
/home on my extended partition.

Doing step 2 allowed me to move further into the install process.. Up
to the point that it was setting up ext2 on hda10 in my extended
partition free space.  It got an error that it was unable to mount the

3.  I cleaned up the partion table again and went for the Workstation
install.  I got the exact same results as in step 2.

After all three instances I had to boot Windows back up and run Norton
Disk Doctor to recover my partitions.   Then go back into Partition
Magic to clean things back up again.  I did lose all the data on my
old D: but that doesn't matter.  

Would I be better off putting a second hard drive in?  I have a 1gig
hard drive laying around if it will help..  Could there be an issue
with LBA mode?  I really feel at a loss.  I have installed plenty of
DOS/Windows, Win95 /Win98, WinNT Server, and even ran OS/2 Warp and
never had this much difficulty install to a hard drive..

Please Help!!!

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