Promise Fasttrak PDC202 not recognizing my Raid1 array?

Promise Fasttrak PDC202 not recognizing my Raid1 array?

Post by Pret Ori » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 00:22:14

I'm not sure weather it's a SuSE issue (Suse 8.2)...

Hardware MSI 845e Master series MB, with PDC202 Raid controller from

We have 2 servers which are completely the same, up to one having
2x40GB Maxtors, and the other one having 2x120GB Baraccudas. I ran the
RAID utility and put the disks in Raid1 array.

I performed theinstallation according to and the
computer with 2x40Gb disks and everything worked fine. As I was asked
to specify the parition where I wanted Suse to be installed, I got a
RAID1 array as an option (/dev/ataraid/p0xx). Fine. The other computer
sees my 2x120GB disks as 2 IDE disks, i.e., I get /dev/hde and
/dev/hdg as an option?!?!?!?!?! What happened to my Raid1 array?

I then turned to the computer with 2x40 disks, replaced the 2x40 width
2x120GB disks and started the installation and this computer was
having problems, too. So it's no jumper, BIOS setting problem.

Maybe some large disk problem (BIOS), but have found no info on the
net whatsoever. Am getting pretty desperate :(



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Has anybody had any experience with handling a server with a Promise
FastTrak IDE RAID1 Hot Swap configuration e.g. 20276?

I have finally succeeded in creating a bootable two disk RAID1 array
with Redhat 9 that is fault tolerant.

But I am challenged by a couple of issues that I hope can be resolved

1) Re-building an array after a typical disk failure appears to
require a system shutdown and a 70 minute operation under BIOS control
for two 120GByte disks.

2) I cannot find a trace in any log files for the following console
message that is printed in case of a single drive failure:

logFastTrak|  1|4123|Error|Disk Offline: Maxtor 4R120L0 (Channel

In this scenario hot swapping is not possible even if the harware
supports IDE hot swapping fully.

For Windows, Promise supplies a program called "FastCheck Monitoring
Utility" which appears to handle 1) via a rebuild function and 2) via
log file configuration.

Are there any Linux distributions that support this harware (Redhat
doesn't)? In that case I would be prepared to switch.

Many thanks,

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