Color under Linux

Color under Linux

Post by sd.. » Mon, 24 Apr 1995 04:00:00

OK......when I first installed Linux, I had a bad copy of the disk. It
installed, but when I tried to bnoot it would hang. I could boot from my
install boot disk and mount my partition form there, but most of the files were
trashed. One thing I DID notice was that the directory listings came up in
I just reinstalled and have a working copy, except that I'm gonna have to
recompile my kernel.....but no color. My DIR_COLORS file has color=all in it.
What am I missing?



1. Print color from linux to Espon Stylus Color printer

I appreciate very much for any tips on print in color on an Epson stylus
color printer. I have a color ps file, it came out as black and white from
the printer using DEVICE=escp2. I guess it doesn't support the colored
ones. Where to get the color driver?

Many thanks in advance.

Dong-Ping Deng

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