automatizing a modem installation...

automatizing a modem installation...

Post by Jason Byrn » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Let's see...

you can probably at least figure out which port your modem is using
(ttyS?)... and then check the char-major/minor values.

For example... I have a HSP56 Micromodem (PCTel) on my computer... which
ends up using ttyS15.

ls -l /dev/ttyS15 looks like

crw-rw---- 62   79

(or something close)

62 is the char-major number... and 79 is the minor number

In /etc/conf.modules... I have:

alias char-major-62    pctel

(pctel is the module/driver for the modem).


make sure you did a 'depmod -a' to make your 'modules.dep' current.

If the driver needs to load other modules, etc... it might be easier to just
add a script to run '/sbin/modprobe blah' in a particular runlevel instead
of wrestling with /etc/conf.modules for loading several modules.

Quote:> Hi,

> I've just compiled the kernel 2.2.14 wich is abble to use a Winmodem
> Everithing is allright, I can dial up

> My problem is that I don't know how to automatize the modem installation
> I'm forced to type insmod-f ltmodem after linux starts.
> I think I must add an   alias char ....  in /etc/conf.modules but I don't
> know what

> thanks


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