Jaz w/multiple partitions?

Jaz w/multiple partitions?

Post by Tysv?r pedsente » Fri, 26 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Have a jaz drive (great!) but hate having to always mount in WinLose 95
vfat for access. I also consider putting compressed backups and little-used
file systems on jaz disks for access when needed. Will a jaz work with a
vfat/dos partition (first primary part.) and a linux partition? Didn't see
this one in the HOWTO. I'll try it out anyway, just thought maybe someone's
tried it before.



1. multiple OS's on multiple partitions

Howdy, I recently bought a system with a single 4 gig SCSI disk which I
divided into 4 partitions, with the intent of installing win95, linux,
freebsd, and netbsd, each on its on 1 gig partition.  When I booted
freebsd 2.0.5, its fdisk didn't see the partitions linux sees.  DOS
fdisk doesn't see them either.  What gives? Thanks.


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