LILO problem w 2GB SCSI HD

LILO problem w 2GB SCSI HD

Post by Juergen Richt » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00


I want to install LILO on a floppy disk and let it boot the linux kernel from
my root partition on a 2 GB SCSI hard disk. But when I use liloconfig to do
so, it says:  

geo_comp_addr: Cylinder number is too big (2020 > 1023)

Is there a way to let LILO boot the kernel from beyond 1024 cylinders?


1. SCSI HD > 2GB problem

        Hi all!  Me again. :)  I'm trying to use an HP C3010 2GB drive for Linux.  I am having some
problems.  Here goes:

        First, I don't have a floppy (anymore) but I do have Linux on a smaller HD.  I assume I can
just use setup to install to my HD mounted on /mnt ... am I wrong?  (Then I would add it to LILO and
it should be able to boot...?)

        Next, the version of fdisk I have does not appear to support >2GB.  The version of cfdisk
says that it does and lets me change the cylinders to reflect that, but there are even some problems
with that.  Here is a run-down of the drive configs:

        HP C3010
        Cylinders/Drive: 2255
        Sectors/Track:  Zone 0 = 96
                        Zone 1 = 88
                        Zone 2 = 76
        Sectors/Cyl:    Zone 1 = 1824
                        Zone 2 = 1672
                        Zone 3 = 1444
        Sectors/Drive:  3,912,172
        Bytes/Drive:    2,003,032,064

        Both fdisk and cfdisk report: 64 heads (bogus), 32 sectors (bogus) and 979 cyls (bogus).
        Both will let me change the #cyls to 1910 (a rough approx since this drive has a variable
number of sects/cyl and sects/track), however fdisk bitches when I assign a cyl above 1023 and
though cfdisk doesn't, it fails when writing the pmap and then fails everytime I launch it after
        I tried to use the fdisk.c that was in the source directory of my slakware dist (CDROM),
but it bailed on compile telling me that it couldn't resolve symbols!

        I'd REALLY hate to lose a GIG!  Is there any good way around this problem?

PS:  I'm using an AHA 1522A and I set the jumper for >1GB translation.


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