Newbie: setup: I'm so confused.

Newbie: setup: I'm so confused.

Post by Owen LaGar » Thu, 20 Feb 1997 04:00:00

   Comments and questions from a 3-day-old first-time i386 Linux user ...

1)  InfoMagic's 6-CD $30 package has got to be the easiest base install
    I've ever seen short of PCDOS6.3 (if you can even call that an install).
    RedHat, Slackware, Debian, SunGNU(2), MetroX ... I'm in looooove.
2)  Is there a better looking CL-542x driver?  My 5420 is a vesa (24-bit dac)
    and even the most basic DOS app -- that supports 24-bit -- will push
    16.2M colors, and 640x480 looks fairly fine-grained.  With Linux, I'd
    absolutely swear the basic MetroX pane is a badly dithered and inter-
    polated 320x200.  I chose my card in the MetroX install, but is that
    install limited by/aware of the existing device support?  I noticed it
    didn't have card-specific access methods for pallette;  does that mean
    the MetroX supplied drivers (or linux video drivers in general) don't
    shadow the vid mem segment?  Should I just stop *ing and re-build
    the kernel?
3)  What are the /dev/ files for sound that come in the basic RedHat install?
    I'm fairly sure the basic kernel doesn't include support for a specific
    soundcard, but the audiox, midix, and so on are there ... and don't work.
    Is there a way to verify what they were created for?  The docs say I can
    cat /dev/sndstat, but that results in cat: sndstat: no such device or ...
    and /dev/sndstat is quite definitely there, and non-zero in size.
4)  Ah, support for the parallel ZIP already!  An OS that runs cleanly in
    less than 32M!  For *weeks* at a time!  So _this_ is what a 486DX4/100
    and 16M can _really_ do.  Intel Pentium, "Designed for Microsoft Windows
    95" -- monkeys fly out of my butt, too.
5)  Is the dosemu good enough yet to run a dos extender?  Hmm... a flat(ish)
    memory model on DOS on a flat memory model.  Threads on single-task on
    threads.  I've been told there's a windows emulator that does a fair
    job with 16bit apps.  Truth or Bullshit?
6)  Kudos to the help maintainers, particularly the HOWTO series in the (CD)
    RedHat and Slackware /doc and /docs.  This is easily the quality of a
    commercial product, if not more so.  Especially sweet since documentation
    is where so many products fall short.

                                  "... Oh, what a Tangled Web ..."
   Owen LaGarde


1. Linux devel newbie - dazed and confused - don't hurt me

I'm sure this question has been posted a billion times, but I'm basically a
lazy parasite who would rather be spoon-fed answers than be bothered to scan
through gazillions of old usenet postings on Dejanews to find answers.

Well, sometimes anyway.  : - )

At any rate, I'm overwhelmed by all the choices of development tools and
environments that came with SuSE Linux 6.1.  There's QT and WX and TCL/TK and
JSTools and GCC and bunches more.  I've fooled around a little bit creating
dialogs and menus with a few of the packages, but I have no idea which of them
is the best/easiest to use.

My background is heavy in Windows VB and VC++, with a smattering of Delphi.  So
you can see that I'm spoiled rotten with topnotch development tools.  I'm
already quite impressed with this distro of Linux (SuSE) and I'm sure that some
of these tools are as good as anything in the Windows world.  It's just that if
I'm going to have to put forth some effort and learn the ins and outs of Linux
and X-Windows programming, I want to use the best tool.  Which one works best
for GUI development?  Which one is easiest to interface with C/C++?  Which one
would be the best choice for database applications?

I feel like a kid lost in a candy store.  All this for only 29.99.  Thank you
Linus and the other Linux guys and gals.  You are truly great human beings.


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