VIdeo STB S3 and Printer setup

VIdeo STB S3 and Printer setup

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I got the same problem with Mr. David. Actually, I just get my pentium
from Gateway2000 ( It comes with STB S3 and 17''Vivitron). I installed
Linux Slackware ver 2.01. At first everything went very cool. But, when I
tried to configure the Xconfig of XFree86, I got myself frustation.

So, I was wondering if somebody done it successfully.

Thank you.
Guruh Purnama


1. VIdeo STB S3 and Printer setup

: Hi,

: I just begin with Linux and I have some problems to do the following things.
: I have a video board PCI STB S3 Trio 64 chip:86C764 and I don't have the
: file or the drivers to run X Windows with.
: Does anyone know it? and how can I do to run X with it?

: How do you set the printer with Linux? I have an Epson
: Thank you very much for your answer in advance.

: regards
: Franck

You can configure your card by typing  xf86config  and
choosing the processor S3 trio 64 in the menu.

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