"Can't read lock file /tmp/.X0-lock"

"Can't read lock file /tmp/.X0-lock"

Post by Arild Jens » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

When I type "startx" I get this error message:

Fatal server error:
Can't read lock file /tmp/.X0-lock

What is wrong? If I touch /tmp/.X0-lock, I get X up and running, but after I
quit, the file disappears. Same thing happens regardless if I'm the root or
a normal user.

I'm using Slackware 3.0.

Please e-mail any responses.

Thank you!

-Arild Jensen


1. Where is /tmp/.X0-lock with R6

   The Xservers in R6 do not create a /tmp/.X0-lock file when started.  They
did in R5.  Has there been a replacement for this file in R6, or am I doing
something wrong.  This seems to cause problems for xdm.  When I exit my X
session it takes about 5 minutes for the x-login prompter to come back to
the screen.

-Steven Clarke    

 ^[:wq!     Crap!  Thought I was in vi.  

                                                             -Stevie Nicks

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