Adaptec 1505 + HP Scanner 4c ???

Adaptec 1505 + HP Scanner 4c ???

Post by <101602,1.. » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I try to attach to a HP Scanner 4c through an Adaptec 1505.
The System (1.2.13) is booting on an IDE-harddisk and when the SCSI-
controller is scanning the SCSI-bus, all devices (MO-drive and Scanner) are
found. The MO-drive works well, but if I try to attach the Scanner, the system
hangs up.
Now I change the controller. Instead of AHA1505 I use AHA1542C, and
now the system finds the controller, but when scanning the SCSI-bus the
following message appear:

 scsi: aborting command due timeout: pid 2,scsi0,id2,lun0 TestUnitReady 00 00 00 00 00
 aha1542_intr_handle: unexpected interrupt

The system don't find any SCSI-device.

All this stuff is working pretty nice in a system, which runs only with SCSI-
devices (there are no IDE-devices) and the Adaptec 1542CP.

Who knows what is wrong ??
Thanks a lot for reading this

Jens Rathke


Adaptec 1505 + HP Scanner 4c ???

Post by zip.. » Thu, 04 Jul 1996 04:00:00

The HP-Scanner insists to supply TERMPOWER, turn it off on
all other devices. I have a simmilar setup (MO, HPSJ IIp) working
fine (AH2940). MO and of course the scanner are external.

I connected the scanner via ist own terminator and also terminated
the scanners other SCSI port.


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