help with RedHat 4.2

help with RedHat 4.2

Post by Alex Tatistche » Mon, 25 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I'm just reading Redhat Linux Unleashed and it says that if LILO only
gets to the L it should also provide a numeric error code.  He says
this error is usually due to a media failure or geometry mismatch.
Not much help I know but the error code (if any might help).


On Sat, 23 Aug 1997 16:39:18 -0400, Yinghao Ma

>    I'm new to Linux......
>    I installed RedHat 4.2 on my computer, but when it boots, I only
>get "L", no "ILO" then no any reponse. I tried several times, even try to
>install LILO on floppy disk, but still got the same problem. What I'm
>afraid is my partition of my hard disk(hope I need not repartition it).
>Following is some information:

>HD: WD 3.1G
>    Partition : 1. 500M     DOS Primary(Where the downloaded Linux exists)
>                2. 2G       DOS extension
>                   1G  D, 500M E, 500M F.
>                3. 450M     Linux
>            4. 50M      Linux Swap

>Motherboard : M Technology 534F Mustang (SIS chipset, Award BIOS)
>CPU     : AMD K6 200 MMX

>Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!


>Yinghao Ma


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Thanks for looking at this.

I'm wanting to setup Redhat 4.2 on my machine.  BUT, I have several

1.  I'm downloading Redhat from the web.  I've got everything from the most
recent build.  Do you really need to get ALL the packages too?  Surely you
can just get the ones you need?  Am I missing something?

2.  I've made the boot and supplementary disks, and the machine boots.  It
finds all the hardware no problem but I don't have a swap space for Linux.
Assuming I've got two FAT partitions, one with Win 95 and the other totally
blank, what's the best solution for installing?  Do I have to format using a
Linux filing system or can I use the umndos method that I've seen mentioned?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I've go 95 and NT mastered.  Boy, I
thought Linux would be easy!

Thanks in advance,

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