Display problem

Display problem

Post by snebr.. » Tue, 06 Feb 2001 00:09:38


I have installed Red Hat 7.0 on an Asus m8000 notebook. Almost
everything works fine. The current problem i'm fighting with is that X
goofs up the display when xscreensaver kicks in. The screen blacks out
and the only way to see anything again is to toggle the LCD/CRT mode
(notebook hardware) back and forth. After toggling this I can see my
desktop in a totally corrupted mode. The only way to get everything back
to normal is to restart X. The graphics adapter is a SMI LynxEM.

What exactly does the screensaver do when it takes control over the
display? And is there some way of getting X to reinitialize the graphics
device without restarting?

All suggestions are welcome.



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