Postscript printer problems

Postscript printer problems

Post by Karl Raffelsiepe » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have a Xerox 4520 Postscript printer running on Caldera 1.3 I have a
generic PS driver running on lpd. I would like StarOffice 5.0 and other
apps to be able to print to the 11X17 tray but the generic drive doesn't
give me the option.

Can I hand bomb a file to include it? Or is there a custom driver I can
get ??

Any Postscript gurus out there ?


Karl Raffelsieper
Unix System Admin

CADABRA Design Libraries Inc.


1. Postscript printer problem

Hopefully someone out there can help me...

I have an HP Laserjet III connected to an IPX running Solaris 2.3.
The printer type is PS and contents ar eboth PS and ASCII.
Everything works fine at 9600 baud.
When I set the baude rate of the port a and the printer to 19200
things no longer work.

Is this a limitation of Solaris or am I doing something incorrectly?
Is there something else I have to modify?

Thanks in advance.

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