Can I install RH6 from a Joliet CD-ROM?

Can I install RH6 from a Joliet CD-ROM?

Post by Rod Smi » Tue, 04 May 1999 04:00:00

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Quote:> I am first-time Linux user and I've d/l RH6's RPMS from FTP. Now I gonna
> burn the RPMS on to a CD-R and use the CD to install RH6 on a different PC.
> I know that RH 5.2's  installer can't read Joliet CDs, how about RH6?

What you "know" about Red Hat 5.2 is incorrect.  Check my web page for

This page is probably 95-99% accurate for RH 6.0, too, but I've not yet
checked it out.

Quote:> Is there software to create Rock Ridge CD in windows?

Again, this information is on my web page.

Rod Smith
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I have Joliet-filesystem CD-ROM backed-up in WIN NT.
I need to read that CD-ROM in Linux (Kernel 2.0.27).
I got module of "joliet_fat32_nls_patch-0.2.7".
I typed  command like "patch -p0 < joliet_fat32_nls_patch-0.2.7".
But I got the following error:

~/linux$ patch -p0 < joliet_fat32_nls_patch-0.2.7
Hmm...  I can't seem to find a patch in there anywhere.

I would appreciate any comments for this error.
I prefer an E-mail response

K Hwang

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