CDROM re-installation

CDROM re-installation

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My NEC CDROM was doing irritating thing to my system -- no the least of
which was locking it up completely if it didn't like a particular audio
CD or Data CDR -- so I removed it.  This went fine.  Kudzu said, "Hey,
you removed your NEC 273 drive, do you wish to remove the config for
it."  It told it, yes, since I was going to swap it with an IBM CDROM I
have.  Well, long story short, the system didn't detect the newly
installed CDROM.  Kudzu didn't find the newly installed CDROM.  I
removed the IBM CDROM and put the NEC drive back in.  It still doesn't
care.  Now, this wouldn't be an issue, but I'm going to be replacing the
CDROM drive with a faster on ANYWAY, but if I can't make the system find
it, then it's not going to be worth it, now is it?

And, no, just putting it in the FSTAB doesn't do it.  The system doesn't
recognize /dev/hdc as a block-device (giving me the "insmod driver?"
message) and I don't have a /dev/cdrom set up.  BTW -- I am running

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


Philip Ware
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