Does anyone have Maxtor Hard disk 30 go who has a problem to install Red Hat?

Does anyone have Maxtor Hard disk 30 go who has a problem to install Red Hat?

Post by Pepit » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


 I have two HDD, the first one (hda) 30 go and the second one (hdb) 6.4 go.
I wanted to install Linux Red Hat  6.2 on the second hard disk (hdb).
Unfortunately the installation process failed. I got a message error :

"Fdisk error, an error comes during the reading of the partition table from
peripheric block hda. The error was invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide

Also I tried to install on the hda after Win 98, I got exactly the same
error message.

If someone of you has experienced the same  problem, it would be kind of you
to tell me what is wrong.



1. Is anyone NOT having problems with Red Hat???

I have been looking at this newsgroup for about a month now.  I use
slackware 3.6 and I'm glad I do.  The thing that I notice about these linux
groups is that about 80% of the people posting requests for help are asking
questions about something thats not working in Red Hat linux.  I mean I only
installed linux for the first time about a month ago and I had to go through
my share of help files to set things up but it sounds like there's something
seriously wrong with Red Hat.  Aside from all the security issues I've heard
about it, it seems that people are having a higher than average hard time in
getting it set up.  I've never installed it myself but judging by the number
of posts in here by people having problems with it, I never will.  I like
slackware a lot and thats the one I'm going to stick with.  How many
Slackware posts do you see?  Not too many.  Same with Caldera and Debian.
Even though Red Hat seems to have the name recognition...I get the feeling
that people would be better off using some other type of linux.  This isn't
meant to be a flame particularly against Red Hat because I wouldn't have
that right unless I had actually installed it and used it's just
an observation.  I'd be interested to see what users actually think of it
and if anyone's having second thoughts about using it.  I'm perfectly happy
with slackware and I'm glad that the people I know who use linux pointed me
in that direction.

Any comments on this would be I said it's not a flame.  Being
new to the linux world I'm interested in how people feel about various types
of linux.

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