Offline reading;

Offline reading;

Post by AS » Fri, 05 Feb 1999 04:00:00

After long nights of hard fight I have connected to the web with my Linux
sistem. I have tried to access newsgroups and I was literally going mad to
discover how to mark a message for offline reading. After some good readings
I think that some other configuration is to be made to achieve what I need.
I have dowloaded the last version of leafnode. Can somebody tell me if this
is the right program for me, since my sistem single-user? Where may I found
some more docs than those provided with the package of leafnode itself? If
you think leafnode is not what I need, can you suggest any other tool?
Thank you very much.

Antonino Sabetta


1. How to use tin to read its "tin -S" output ?

Hi all.

Can anybody give me a hint how I can re-read the directory tree generated by
"tin -S" ?  The -R option which should do this isn't implmentet yet. So I
wanted to "emulate" local news which may be read by tin (i.e. I put the
directory tree under /usr/local/news). But tin didn't recognize the whole
stuff.  What can I do ?  All I know about news is how to *use* it. I don't
know anything about how to administer it :-(.

Any hint will be appreciated. Please send me a CC: via email if you post
your response here.

Thanks, Tom.

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