Can't login in runlevel 3 (Redhat Multiuser mode)

Can't login in runlevel 3 (Redhat Multiuser mode)

Post by Mark Murra » Fri, 26 Feb 1999 04:00:00

A strange problem has just cropped up recently with redhat 5.2 on my
Toshiba laptop.  I am also currently running Kernel 2.2.1 on both my laptop
and my home desktop (no problems on the desktop).

The problem is, when I boot up linux in runlevel 3 (which is Redhats
Multiuser mode) I get the "login:" prompt, but it won't accept input from
my keyboard -- I can't even ctrl-alt-delete to reboot, I have to shut of or
Hit RESET which of course necesitates an fsck run on the next reboot.

Everything is fine in runlevel 5 (Redhats graphical mode with xdm login), I
can even drop down to a virtual terminal and login that way.  

It's not a huge problem, just one of those minor annoyances that keep me
from having a 'perfect' system.

Someone please help, 'cause I can't get much sleep until I solve this

Mark Murray

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