D-Link DWL-650 wireless w/ 7.3 - how??

D-Link DWL-650 wireless w/ 7.3 - how??

Post by Chris Kotche » Wed, 29 May 2002 13:10:57

I have a very simple setup:  An IBM Thinkpad with a fresh install of RedHat
7.3 (with most packages installed, except for some of the servers).

I have a home wireless network using a D-Link 1000AP base, and a DWL-650
PCMCIA card - using all the default settings (under windows).

I want to get the DWL-650 working under linux as well.  How do I go about
doing this?  What drivers?  What config files?  Rebuild the kernel?  I can
see enough to know that it's not nearly as simple as using a PCI net card in
a desktop PC.

As I said, everything I have is simple and default values.  Can anyone help?


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Using a default RedHat 7.3 install on an IBM Thinkpad, I successfuly got my
D-Link DWL-650 wireless card working, but...

Performace is VERY VERY slow.  On the order of <2Kbps.  I know I can get
much better performance with the same card under windows and/or in any other
machine in my house.  Can anyone suggest what kinds of things I might be
able to look at to fix this?

FYI - the only extra configuration i did to make it work was:
    iwconfig eth0 essid "default" mode "Managed"

As a second question, when the system boots, I get a few messages that say
"channel out of range (0)!".  As I said, the card still works, but I was
wondering if I should care about this message.  when it try to use the
"channel" parameter to iwconfig, I just get a message saying that my card
does not support channel.


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