How to set up mail and ftp server ?

How to set up mail and ftp server ?

Post by yongte » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00

i've Linux 2.0.0 (Slackware 3.0) on my PC( IP I have ftp
and can send mail to any user on the same PC. I set up a SLIP
connection using serial cable with my notebook( IP  running
Trumpet on WIN95. I can ping from either side using either domain name
or IP address.
Now i'm trying to use the slip connection on the notebook to retrieve
mail and ftp to my Linux box.

My problem:
I'm using Eudora for Win . It logs into POP but nothing happens and
the connection eventually got a time out
and its the same when i use ftp
On Linux side:
/var/log/message show[209]:connect from

... wu.ftpd[31]:connect from
                      ftp session closed

What have i missed ?? I'm using sendmail 8.7.5

You may find what I'm trying to do not very useful, but i'm just
trying to learn this powerful OS which is Linux !!




1. How to set up my own server (www,ftp,mail,dns)?

Hi there:
Here I try to explain my problem, hope you can help:

The scenario:
I have at the office a direct connection to the internet. We have
static IP addresses to assigned to some of the pc's and the others are
dynamically assigned by the router's NAT.

I also already have my own domain parked on an ISP, so my website and
email server is not in my control but in my ISP's. So I want to move
my server to my office.

I have already assigned one of the static IP's to a linux box wich
also has already the local IP
This box has Apache, Postfix, Bind, and ProFTP servers as default
configured by Mandrake 9.0

My goal:
Have my www, email and ftp own server with

Now the questions:
1- What would be the correct name I have to assign to that box?
d- none of the above....(wich one)

2-As far as I understand Apache will give www access, Postfix POP3 &
SMTP access, Proftp ftp access and Bind is needed in order to have acceible to the internet. Do I need any other program
running in order to accomplish my goal? if so wich one?

3-Now what? Do I simply go to and change the DNS host IP to
my linux box IP? or do I have to make sme other configurations.

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