linux wannabe HELP ME!! :)

linux wannabe HELP ME!! :)

Post by Johan Pau » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> 1. WHERE CAN I GET LINUX FOR FREE (i've been trying but their
> FTP won't work....too much traffic 24/7)

They have (real) mirrors for every major distr. of Linux.

Quote:> 3. does
> anyone out there have the freeware version they can email to me or mirror for
> me?????????

All version of Linux a "freeware" :) I'm using Red Hat 5.2 and the size of it is
a bit too large to email it, sorry.


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1. Please help a confused LINUX wannabe.

Hi Group,
I  worked on a UNIX SPARC system as an engineering application programmer in
C language
a few years ago, so have some familiarity with that OS as a user, but never
as a SysAdmin.

I've got a new Gateway PC currently running Windows 98 and would like to add
LINUX as an alternative operating system.   I'd be using LINUX as just a
system and would like to boot up to either LINUX or Windows as the need

I purchased Red Hat 5.1 and Partition Magic 4.0.

I'm somewhat confused as to the way I need to partition the hard drive to
both OSs.  The hard drive is a Maxtor 91020D6, 10.2 Gb, and per specs is:
3 Disks, 6 Physical heads, 16 Logical heads, 19265 Cylinders, 63
512 Bytes/sector.  It appears to be set up using LBA.  I initially ordered
it from
Gateway with two equal partitions which are now set up as logical DOS drives
and D: and configured FAT32.  I thought I'd use about half the drive for
the other half for LINUX.

If I understand the RH 5.1 manual and what I've read on this newsgroup,
the Windows and LINUX boot partitions have to be below 1024 cylinders
(approx 10.2 * 1024/19265 = 542 Meg), and Windows has to come first,
so my partitioning scheme would have to be something like this:
   Windows drive C:  (max size about 530 Meg)
   LINUX /boot/ (about 10 Meg)
   The rest of Windows as drive D: (or multiple logical drives.)
   The rest of LINUX in several partitions, i.e., /root/, /home/, etc.

Is this correct?  (I'd really prefer to have a larger partition for Windows
drive C:, if only because the initial factory installation of Win 98 and
stuff occupied close to 1 Gb. )

I'm confused about the LBA and FAT32.  What do I have to do about LBA for
LINUX setup?  Will I be able to read or copy Windows data files (ASCII or
Graphics) from LINUX (and vice-versa) with the FAT32 setup?

Your collective advice will be greatly appreciated.


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