Installing RH5.1 on Asus P2B-S (aic 7890)

Installing RH5.1 on Asus P2B-S (aic 7890)

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I'm having trouble installing RH5.1 on the following system

Asus P2B-S motherboard w/ onboard adaptec 7890
Quantum Viking II Ultra2 SCSI disk - id 0
Quantum Viking II Ultra2 SCSI disk - id 1
D-Link DFE500TX network card

My number one problem seems to be that I don't have a linux system
running, and thus can't compile a kernel with support for my SCSI
controller and network card.

A friendly person on the net sent me an installdisk with support for my
controller. It worked, but support for the network card was gone. No
problem, as I can compile that in later. At the end of the installation
process the installer fails to create bootdisks, and fails to install
LILO, leaving me with a not so usable system.

I'm wondering if the problems with creating bootdisks and installing
LILO are somehow connected to the non-official bootdisk I'm using. If
not, have anyone experienced similar problems and found a solution.

In general I would be more than happy to hear from people who have
succeded in installing Linux on a similar setup. Any help will be
greatly appreciated.


                                                        -Tommy   (
toem[at] )


1. Asus P2B-S motherboard with on-board Adaptec AIC-7890


I want to change my old T55TP4N/P90 to a brand new P2B-S with a
P400. I guess there is no problem with the 440BX chipsetm so the only
point that could be a problem seems to be the Adaptec AIC 7890 & 3860
SCSI controller on board. Is there any problems known with this
controller ? I've looked around a bit, and the hardware-faqs don't say
anything about this specific controller (the AIC-788x seems to be

Thanx in advance.

-- Francois Fleuret

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