Red Hat 7.0 Boot Problems with System Commander 2000

Red Hat 7.0 Boot Problems with System Commander 2000

Post by Kri » Wed, 19 Sep 2001 05:23:45

This is for a correction on an earlier post. There was a misprint;
rather than saying 7.0 it was said at 4.0. Anyways, i have installed
Red Hat 7.0 on one hard drive and Win 2k/Win 98 on the other hard
drive. However, all OS's show at boot up but when I choose Red Hat
7.0, it wont boot. If I have it as a stand alone drive, it boots fine.
System Commander said that It might be a missing or damged MBR. But I
dont understand why it would boot byitself and not with SC. Im new to
Linux. Please Help. Thank you very much for your time.

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Hi All,

I just recently installed Red Hat onto a new hard drive of its own. On
another hard drive, I have Win 2k and Win 98. I installed System
Commander 2000 and all 3 OS's appear on the boot screen. However when
I boot Linux, it wont boot. The System Commander is saying that there
is a corrupt or missing file in order for it to boot. But when I try
to load Linux by itself, it works and boots fine. I did the typical
install with automatic partitioning and GNOME etc. Any suggestions or
help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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