HELP: Diamond Viper PCI and X Setup

HELP: Diamond Viper PCI and X Setup

Post by Eric » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I'm having a heck of a time installing XF86 as you could guess from
the description.
I have a feeling my errors are coming from the card,  does ANYONE have
a Viper up and running w/  X .......PLEASE respond

Eric S


1. HELP: Diamond Viper *Pro* PCI...

I have an Intel Premiere II PCI system with a Diamond Viper Pro PCI
with 4MB of Ram and a NEC 6FGp.  yeah, this is the "pro" version which
has a P9100 instead of a P9000....  am I sunk?

I know that P9000 support has been added to XFree86, but all of the
HOWTOs and FAQs I have looked at (fished around and picked up the
newest I could find) are dated and insist that Diamond isn't supported
at all.

Any news on this?  Anyone got the exact same setup?  (Viper Pro PCI &
6FGp) and want to share the setup details?



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