old stuff with 2.0

old stuff with 2.0

Post by Mark Ayzenshte » Sun, 11 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I recently upgraded to kernel 2.0. Today I accedentally erased some
impotant stuff so I reinstalled most things from my old slackware CDROM.
The 2.0 kernel boots fine, but when it starts loading daemons lpd
generates some sort of an illegal function call. Do I need so get some
kind of modules package to make this work? thanks


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Hi. The card in question is an ISA ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (with the mach32
engine). The particular monitor that I'm using is an AST Vision 4L, and I
managed to root through the AST website (talk about counterintuitive!) so
I could get the horiz and vert scan lines etc. I can't seem to get X setup
right, when I run probe, it complains about a missing clocks line. Is
there any doc which can EXPLAIN xf86config? A man page helps, but getting
the theory fundas would be even nicer.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of support the linux community
provides. Also, being something of a DOS/Windows junkie ;=( in the past,
i'd appreciate it if I could be told where to get my hands on info that'll
help me migrate better.

Aniruddha Shankar
BAngalore, India

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