Help with SoundBlaster Pro clone sound card

Help with SoundBlaster Pro clone sound card

Post by Rpugh » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have a Packard Bell, which means that most of the parts are clones.  I am
running RedHat 5.0 and am having problems with my sound card.  The card is made
by Aztech and is supposed to be a SoundBlaster Pro clone.  Does anyone know if
a driver exists to operate this card under Linux?


1. HELP: PLIP problems with Soundblaster PRO sound card

I have sent this message to the supposed author of the PLIP code

(I sent it over 2 weeks ago). I have posted this on the newsgroup
before and I never had a response on this. B-( So I am trying
once again!.

There HAS to be someone out there that has a soundcard AND runs PLIP!!

Here is my problem:

  I have a SoundBlaster PRO sound card, which (I beleive) is
  causing PLIP to fail, it is currently configured for IRQ _5_.

  PLIP tells me at system boot up that it is using IRQ 7,
  so I would not expect there to be any IRQ conflict.

  After MUCH experimenting, I have narrowed down the problem to my
  sound card - basically if the sound card is IN, PLIP fails,
  (PINGs dont work at all, in fact the other computer I connect to locks up).
  if the sound card is taken OUT, PLIP works fine.

  I tried alternate IRQ's for the Sound card and that did not help.

  My guess is that PLIP will fail with any card that uses IRQ 5
  (ie a bus mouse). I suspect the auto IRQ detect code is buggy.

  If you know of a patch to fix this, I'd really want to know about it!

  Thanks in advance.

  Please email any replies.

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