Q: Filtering outgoing mail

Q: Filtering outgoing mail

Post by Lorenzo Di Gregori » Thu, 22 May 1997 04:00:00


  I'd like to run a filter program on the outgoing mail: I'd like to do
that either as root (modifying the sendmail.cf) and as user.  Can someone
suggest a solution ? I posted twice on comp.mail.sendmail but I've got no
answer :-(

Thanks in advance
Lorenzo Di Gregorio --------------- current address valid until 24/09/1997


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Paul> I am attempting to setup several SPARC 10s (running 2.3) am have had some
Paul> trouble getting sendmail to work as desired.  I have a central mailhost where
Paul> all incoming mail goes to, and which is NFS mount around to each client
Paul> machine (on /var/mail/<user>).  This allows everyone to read their from any
Paul> machine, but doesn't let them receive mail directly addressed to this each
Paul> machine.  I have setup this approach on other UNIX machines without trouble,
Paul> but the 2.X sendmail won't deliver mail to an NFS mounted file.  If this is a
Paul> regular file (or is absent) then mail is delivered, but not if NFS is involved.
Paul> Anyone attempting something similar?  I have things kludged with aliases
Paul> right now, but would really prefer the local mailers to deliver the mail rather
Paul> than passing off it off to the mailhost (alias kludge).  Any ideas?

One kludge which would be easier to maintain would be to set up MX records
for all of the machines so that the mailhost is listed as the mail exchanger.
This way, all mail would go to the mailhost and you wouldn't have to update
aliases for new users, etc.

This may sound silly, but have you made sure that the files are exported
(and mounted) read-write?  I am using automount here and don't seem to
have problems mounting my mail spools.  (server=2.2, client=2.3)

Good luck and keep us posted.

                           matthew liggett

       part-time sysadmin, full-time slacker, perpetual student

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