boot disk crc error

boot disk crc error

Post by Bill Leac » Sat, 24 May 1997 04:00:00

> > I'm trying to install RedHat Linux 4.1 (Kernel 2.0.27) on a 486
> > DX4/100 and I keep getting CRC errors when uncompressing Linux
> > from the boot floppy. ...
> I originally wrote this as a reply to a different message, but was
> unable to post it, so I'm posting here since it seems somewhat
> relevant.

> % > Hi Linuxers,
> % > does anybody out there have any idea, why my Linux doesn't boot
> % > anymore since I have replaced my old 90Mhz Pentium Processor with
> % > a 166Mhz one ?
> % > The installed kernel 2.0.18 reports the following error:
> % > ...
> I got the same error after repeatedly reinstalling my system.  I had
> some unresolvable problems with my setup and so decided to reinstall.
> After reinstallation, Linux couldn't read the dos partition --- gave
> some error about an unrecognizable file system type even though the
> fstab was correct.  It also couldn't (and still can't) read the cdrom
> ...
> couple more times, I tried to boot Linux and got the above crc error.
> ...
> Darrell

I am not a Linux OR PC expert but...
A whole bunch of things might be involved in these problems.
With respect to the HD;  The BIOS mode of accessing the HD can be
changed and linux will deal with it but DOS will not.

It is not all that hard to have incompatible "pieces" when
"re-installing" with lilo being one of those pieces that is real easy to
forget about.

It is even possible to "upgrade" and end up with lilo booting the old
kernel (not necessarily easy mind you but it CAN be done -- probably
easier accidently than on purpose).

As to the cdrom; Once the installation is complete you must have the
correct entry in /etc/fstab AND for most instaltions, explicitely mount
the cdrom (I don't know how familiar you are with Linux/Unix).

DOS is REAL picky which is why most experts recommend setting up the DOS
partion with DOS FDISK.  Once DOS is running and understands it's own
partions then you install Linux (although it is really lilo that has to
be installed after DOS is set up).



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reformat the floppy drive ON THE MACHINE that will read it afterwards. Then copy the contents on it again.
That usually fixes it for me.

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