Red Hat 5.1 doesn't show in Boot Manager

Red Hat 5.1 doesn't show in Boot Manager

Post by Roger Troo » Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> I installed Red Hat 5.1 last night as my third OS on a 5.7 Gig drive.  Win
> 95B (OSR 2.1) and Win 3.11 were co-existing happily on the primary partition
> of this drive with Partition Magic 3.04 and Boot Manager.  W95 takes up the
> first 503 MB of the 1 GB primary partition, followed by 7 MB for Boot
> Manager, 252 MB for Win 3.11, and approx 200 MB free for the Linux root
> partition.
> The free space in the extended partition intended for linux, approx 1.2 MB,
> was divided in four partitions, root, /usr, /stuff, and swap.  Installation
> went OK,  and the LILO option selected was to put it in Boot Manager.

Just to make sure, your partitions are:

primary 1: 1 Gb   Win95
primary 2: 7 Mb   Boot Manager
primary 3: 252 Mb Win31/DOS
free     : 200 Mb Linux / ???

logical 1: 200 Mb Linux / ???
logical 2: xx Mb  Linux /usr
logical 3: xx Mb  Linux /stuff
logical 4: xx Mb  Linux swap

You named your Linux root (/) partition twice. Where is it supposed to

Which boot manager do you use: OS/2 BM, BootMagic,...?

If you plan to use the 200 Mb free space before the extended
partition, you have to shift it into the extended partition since you
have already reached the limit of 3 primary partitions and one
extended. Therefore, a new primary partition cannot be made in the 200
Mb free space.

Quote:> On re-boot Linux did not show up on the Boot Manager menu,

Depending on what BM you use you have to add the partition containing
the Linux root (/) to the BM menu yourself and before installation of
Linux. Also you have to put lilo in the boot record of the logical
drive containing Linux root (/), NOT in the MBR.

Quote:> so I booted Linux from diskette, which promptly announced that there was a virus
> on my hard drive (Linux/Boot Manager on MBR?)  By ignoring this message I was able
> to load Linux and make my first attempts at doing something in it.

I believe some BIOS virus checks react like that to lilo's code. Turn
off this option in your bios.

Quote:> Question is, why didn't Linux recognize the 200 MB of free space in the
> primary partition that I had set aside for the root directory?

See above: you have reached the limit = 3 primaries + 1 extended.

Quote:> Also, is there a way to get Linux to show up in the Boot Manager menu, and/or to move
> the root directory from the extended hard disc partition to its intended free
> space on the primary partition?

Include the free space in the extended partition. Linux does not need
a primary partition to boot from.

Make the logical disks as FAT partitions. Add the first to the boot
manager menu. Install Linux, putting Linux root (/) on that first
logical disk. Also, make sure lilo is installed into the boot record
of the partition containing Linux root (/), NOT the MBR.

I hope this helps you out.

Yours sincerely,

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/ \oger /roost [ Member of Team OS/2, HUGO ]


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