Redhat 5.2 install problems

Redhat 5.2 install problems

Post by George Simpso » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

 I cannot get RH 5.2 to install using any of the following:
1. the supplied boot disk
2. the cdrom from RH
3. the boot disk I made using rawrite.
 I have the following hardware:
1.CTX 233 AMD K6-233 with 64 meg ram/24 speed Torisan CD-ROM(preinstalled)
2.Maxtor HD's/master=7.0 gig/slave=4.0 gig
3.Windows 98 SE upgrade
4. Partition Magic 4.0/PowerQuest BootMagic
I can handle installing Internet connections,my video card,my soundcard,
and my external modem.
 No matter if I partion using PM and set up BM or if I use FIPS(supplied
with CDROM) to set my Linux partitons and then boot off my CDROM or either
boot floppies,the preliminary install starts; then a series of messages
flash too fast to pause or read and then the whole process starts again.
  I have used System Commander in the past but quit after it crashed while
I ran a Win95 NT 4.0 dual boot. I have reformatted my HD and even low level
reformatted since then. My bios won't let me use my slave as an active
 I know my RH boot disks and my RH CDROM is ok because RH will start to
install on my stepson's Compaq 120 pentium with a 600 mg HD. Please email

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Redhat 5.2 install problems

Post by ghelbi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


Go to the RedHat site and get the "latest and greatest" boot floppies.
Look in the 5.2 updates section.

(It's real easy to make them from the downloaded images.)

There are many problems with the shipped 5.2 diskettes and big disk


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