Partition Again -pl. help!

Partition Again -pl. help!

Post by Karthi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I have two harddisks, primary is 2GB with NT, secondary is 6GB
partitioned into two partitions of equal size each. On the
secondary partition is linux, which I want to re-install.

1. I have partition Magic, can I use it to allocate 5GB for linux and
for windows in the second disk without loosing data?

2. I propose to partition as follows:
(Any more! pl recommend..)
But I understand that there can be just four partitions. How does one do
extended and logical partitioning? Does Partition Magic (v3.0) take care
all these stuff......

(When done during installation,how  to name these partitions and do

4. Should I make symbollic links. If so, to which directors and when to
it.. ( /opt to /usr/opt)
BTW: I have a RH6.1

5. Does these directories auto mount....!
6. What is the recommended size allotment for these
partitions mentioned above?

I have a 32MB ram, pentium 166 machine with NT on the primary hard
(2GB) and this is the second hard disk..

Thanks in advance,

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Partition Again -pl. help!

Post by David . » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

        If you make the 2 partitions and then delete the one you want to use
for linux to free the disk space for the install. Then during the
install when you setup the partitions you can setup any partitions you

ie...   I have a dual boot system though I very rarely use M$ any more.
        I have the list of partitions shown below.

        /windows        # 2 GB
        /               #root
        and of course swap

This setup is on a 9.1 GB drive.

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Partition Again -pl. help!

Post by Stanislaw Flatt » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

> Hi,

> 2. I propose to partition as follows:
> /
> /home
> /boot
> /usr
> /tmp
> swap

> Thanks in advance,
> Karthik

> --

Hallo there.
Do yourself a favor. Prepare space on hard disk for Linux. In this space
create the *absolute* minimum of partitions swap~60-100M and the rest
for root /.
The multiple partitions for various directories on systems are of
importance for system administrators who have to care about many users
from many departments and utilising every imaginable computer programm.
Are you in this position "Y/N" - chose one.
If yes you should already know.
If no give it some time to adjust.
And remember Linux is here to have fun...
**Stanislaw & Slack 7.0 team**
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