Hitachi IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM and Linux 1.2.13

Hitachi IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM and Linux 1.2.13

Post by Matthew X Econom » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

I have been trying to get CND preview II installed.  I have a Hitachi
IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM (quad-speed, plugged into the IDE interface card it
came with, my second IDE card in my system).  CND preview II uses
Linux 1.2.13.  On startup, Linux will not autodect ide1 (second IDE
card), so I force it with a boot parameter of hdc=cdrom.

Then Linux finds ide1, and it looks like Linux tries to init the
CD-ROM device, but Linux reports that the CD-ROM doesn't respond
(gives the error code 0xff).

What's up with that?  Do you need more information?  Thank you!

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1. Integrate 1.3.x IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drivers into 1.2.13???


I've been having problems with my ATAPI CD-ROM drive locking the system up
at random times when accessing a CD. As a solution, I've been told to upgrade
my kernel to 1.3.x as it has "updated" ATAPI drivers.

Are there in fact improved/updated/fixed ATAPI CD-ROM drivers in the 1.3.x

I would prefer to stay with a known stable kernel version (i.e. 1.2.13) as
I must rely on this system for my livelyhood. If these updated drivers exist,
is it possible to get patches for the 1.2.13 kernel so my CD-ROM will
(hopefully) work.

Before anyone suggests hardware configuration solutions, my CD-ROM drive is
on the second IDE interface, jumpered as master, recognized by both the BIOS
and the linux kernel as /dev/hdc, and I can mount CD's and read data from
them. The only problem is that, at arbitrary times when accessing the CD,
the system will lock up. All evidence points to the drivers or some conflict
with the drivers and some non-standard feature of my controller (although I
suspect the former more than the latter). The machine is a DEC Starion 930,
if that matters at all...

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Patrick Stickler

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